Unilever Sustainable Nutrition Programme

Published: 03/02/2015

Our vision of sustainable nutrition is to have products that taste good, feel good and are a force for good. Unilever operates in the following core segments: savoury foods and dressings, including our food service business, tea (both leaf tea and ready-to-drink) and ice cream.

We are minimizing the nutrients of concern and maximizing goodness in our products. We do this via our Nutrition Enhancement Programme (NEP), established in 2003, to reduce levels of salt, saturated fat and sugar and we eliminated trans-fat from PHVO across out portfolio So far, we have made significant progress either through reformulation or through innovations.

Example on sugar reduction in Europe

Across Europe, we reduced sugar by 30% in Lipton Ready-to-drink Tea Lemon, Peach and Green Grapefruit sold in McDonald’s. In several European markets, we introduced 30% lower sugar, low calorie and Lipton iced teas with 4.5 g of sugar/100ml. We offer Pure Leaf with less sweetness at 3.0 g of sugar/100ml in several countries.

We monitor our progress annually and report this publicly via our  corporate website. Furthermore we engage with experts at international conferences and publish our research – such as our methodology – in peer-reviewed scientific journals. We are continually adapting and improving our approach, learning from many years’ experience of reformulation and meeting consumer demand.

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