FoodDrinkEurope’s Sustainable Packaging Roadmap


Food and drink packaging plays a vital role in protecting and preserving products for consumers. However, some packaging, particularly plastics, ends up in nature and contributes to the growing problem of litter. The Industry is therefore setting itself a roadmap of actions to support the societal transition towards a circular economy; these actions include improving packaging design, actively supporting collection, sorting and recycling, and raising awareness.

Building on our continued efforts to support a circular economy for packaging, FoodDrinkEurope has developed its Roadmap on Sustainable Packaging, presenting – in a visually engaging way – the progress that has been achieved so far but, more importantly, what needs to be done moving forward. 
In addition, the Roadmap features recommendations to policy makers with the objective to work together towards making food and drink packaging more circular and sustainable.


Download the publication (pdf - 4786KB)