Food & Drink Industry celebrates 25th Anniversary of Single Market

Published: 22/03/2018

FoodDrinkEurope also takes this opportunity to publish its Single Market Manifesto, a short overview of the benefits and outstanding challenges of the Single Market for food and drink products.

Using testimonies from small and large companies to demonstrate the sector’s commitment to the Single Market, the Manifesto also proposes some policy recommendations to further reinforce what it sees as the most significant achievement of the European Union.

Hubert Weber, FoodDrinkEurope President and President Mondelēz Europe, commented: “For the EU food and drink sector, the smooth and effective functioning of the Single Market is essential to guarantee growth, jobs and effective service to consumers. It also ensures the diversity, availability, affordability and safety of our products that consumers all across Europe are able to enjoy every day. In order to preserve and build on this, it is imperative that the EU Institutions have a long-term vision and a commitment to the Single Market for the next 25 years. With our Manifesto, we invite European and national policy-makers to reflect on the achievements of 25 years of the Single Market for food and drinks and to put the Single Market central in all food and drink policies in the future.”