FoodDrinkEurope Annual Report 2020

Published: 24/07/2020

2019 was an important year for FoodDrinkEurope, with an impressive amount of memorable events and achievements. FoodDrinkEurope and its members continued their engagement with policy makers and stakeholders to convey Europe’s food and drink industry’s responsibility to continue generating growth and jobs, to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of consumers, and of course to operate sustainably.

It was a particularly special year in European politics, with the European Parliament elections in May and a new European College of Commissioners in place in the autumn. FoodDrinkEurope launched its policy priorities for the new European Institutions in which, among other things, it called on policymakers to support the industry’s commitment to reach 2.5-3.5% year-on-year growth, to innovate and to create new jobs.

Download the report to find out more about FoodDrinkEurope’s 2019 milestone moments.