FoodDrinkEurope’s Annual Report 2018

Published: 15/07/2018

The Annual Report outlines a number of FoodDrinkEurope’s key achievements, including:

  • The launch of a new campaign to celebrate and promote the Single Market, highlighting its benefits for businesses and consumers alike.
  • The launch of a Call for Action to help improve diets and promote good nutrition and health.
  • Implementing the ambitious industry commitment to grow by 2.5 to 3.5% per year to 2025.
  • Contributing to important discussions on the EU R&I Framework Programme, sequel to Horizon 2020, and urging EU institutions to, not only develop an ambitious plan but also to ensure an appropriate budget – including increased support for R&I in areas relevant to the food and drink sector.
  • Promoting sustainable practices and implementing the targets set within the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), strengthening the links between food, people and the planet.
  • The participation in the high-level business delegation visits to Canada and Iran in organised by DG AGRI.