Joint letter: industry alliance calls for digital solutions for product information

Published: 27/03/2023

FoodDrinkEurope joins 16 industry associations in calling for a coordinated approach on product information by digital means; that would work for all, consumers and economic operators alike, including SMEs.

We invite the European Commission to:

  • Ensure a general coordinated approach to digital labelling in order to avoid the fragmentation of the Single Market that may stem from sectoral (and national) legislation;
  • Ensure all legislative initiatives that concern labelling provide a consistent, non-conflicting and compatible framework with regard to digital labelling and are future-proof for the use of digital means;
  • Explore and address the challenges and opportunities for consumers and economic operators of a legally coherent approach across all sectors to provide certain product information through digital means;
  • It is essential to maintain the roles and responsibilities of all business operators concerned – from manufacturing to the point of sale;
  • Explore innovative solutions that are simple, easy, cost-efficient, and practical to implement for all economic operators.