Position on the implementation of the European Strategy for Plastics

Published: 21/03/2018

Key messages:

  • The food and drink industry supports measures implementing the essential requirements of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive striving for an increased collection of packaging and options to further increase its recyclability.
  • Producers are working with operators in the value chain on further developing cost-effectively recyclable packaging solutions. Alternatives for this type of plastics are not yet available as these cannot ensure, for example, food safety.
  • Increased collection should be achieved through better performance of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes and where feasible deposit return schemes. Investment in the necessary infrastructure needs to go hand in hand with improvements in recyclability.
  • Not all plastic materials are suitable to be in contact with food according to EU food contact material legislation. Provided that this legislation is strictly observed, the food and drink industry welcomes actions that can further increase the sustainability of materials used in packaging
  • Environmental assessment tools for packaging, such as life cycle assessments, should be taken into account for choosing the best material and design options for packaging on a case by case basis.
  • True reduction of littering from single use plastics must be achieved through a comprehensive and holistic approach to education, infrastructure and law enforcement. A tax on single use packaging would not prove useful in contributing to this goal.
  • We welcome the Strategy striving to increased cooperation through international organizations in order to address this issue at a global scale.