FoodDrinkEurope position: Promotion Policy

Published: 30/06/2021

The future EU Promotion Policy must continue to support quality European agri-food products, encouraging producers to improve their sustainability and competitiveness without excluding any particular product or production practice.

Europe is renowned for its rich and diverse food culture, combining tradition and innovation. The EU Promotion Policy provides financial support to campaigns aimed at increasing the competitiveness of, and opening new market opportunities for, EU farm, food and drink products. These promotion campaigns take place both in EU Member States and outside the EU and address consumers and business operators alike.

An evaluation report published by the European Commission in December 2020 concluded that the EU Promotion Policy successfully raises the profile of EU products and awareness of their high production standards. The study did not identify any major inconsistencies with other EU policies – including those on health, climate and environment – although it highlighted that certain specific products or production methods will require careful attention in light of policy developments.

We strongly believe that the future of the EU Promotion Policy must build on its past success. We support the call for a Promotion Policy that contributes to sustainable production and consumption, as set out in the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.

We are convinced that the policy can be compatible with more sustainable food systems and healthy diets, while continuing to increase the competitiveness and profile of agri-food products at European and international level.