FoodDrinkEurope position: substantiating green claims

Published: 28/02/2023

The European food and drink industry supports the development of an EU-harmonised legislative framework on green claims, which should set minimum requirements for the voluntary provision of product environmental information.

Making and substantiating green claims in a verifiable, easy-to-understand, and comparable way across the EU will facilitate a level-playing field among companies in the Single Market and encourage more sustainable production
and consumption.

Essential recommendations for legislative proposals on green claims:

  1. Focus the policy scope on voluntary environmental footprint communications based on the PEF methodology
  2. Ensure a thorough impact assessment
  3. Cooperate with providers to develop solutions to provide substantiated claims that are easily and swiftly applicable in the market
  4. Set up a system by which green claims can be verified ex-post, through third-party certification
  5. Simplify the tools to calculate the life-cycle environmental footprint of food and drink products
  6. In the absence of PEF category rules, allow food, beverage and pet food manufacturers to substantiate their claims based on the PEF methodology
  7. Develop specific guidelines for the food, beverage and pet food sectors
  8. Consider alternative communication channels for providing food environmental information