Ferrero's commitment to scientific research

Published: 03/02/2018

The Ferrero Nutrition Department, also in cooperation with a network of independent research institutes, coordinates studies and research on new raw materials, products and processes as well as constant information-gathering on products’ metabolic impact. In addition, Ferrero develops its nutritional, health & food safety analysis, studies and researches within its own Nutrition Department with eight internal PhD or Master graduate experts in Nutrition, Health & Food Safety, working full-time. These experts work on issues related to improvement and reformulation of products also in cooperation with other Ferrero internal resources, such as PhD or Master graduates or technicians and experts in raw materials, processes and products.

In order to increase the know-how on product formulation and processes among its internal resources, Ferrero cooperates with universities, hospitals, R&D centres and external consultants.

Relevant examples of Ferrero latest actions to promote internal and external knowledge include:

Research and promote the metabolic response to consumption. This was done with two main studies: a general research on nutrition called ‘Caprii study’ and another one aimed at evaluating the glycemic index and the metabolic response linked to the consumption of Ferrero products.

Investigation on hazelnut antioxidant properties and health effects. Studies on hazelnut phenolic compounds bioavailability and their antioxidant capacity. One of the studies confirmed the beneficial effects of the combination of hazelnut and cocoa, that acts in a synergic and protective way on the cardiovascular system.

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