FERRERO's Nocciola Italia project

Ferrero’s “Nocciola Italia” project

Published: 04/01/2017

Hazelnuts are a product of Italian excellence and Italy is the number 1 producer in the EU and number 2 worldwide.

To cope with growing demand for hazelnuts, FERRERO has developed a strong partnership with local Italian farmers. FERRERO’s “Nocciola Italia” project aims at promoting fairness and sustainable growth across the hazelnuts chain. Valorisation of quality, centrality of farmers and transparency of relationships are the three pillars of the project. Quality encompasses nurseries, traceability and sustainability of hazelnuts, and development of Italian cultivar.

Farmers receive support on land qualifications, in cooperation with research institutes, and on their relationships with financial institutes as well as with professional training and sharing of know-how. A premium based on quality or variety and a long-term commitment by Ferrero to buy help to enhance trust between FERRERO and its farmers.

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