Great brands in small portions

Published: 03/02/2018

Ferrero believes that a truly balanced diet is not one that excludes certain foods, but rather one that includes, in the correct portions and with the correct frequency of consumption, also those foods that consumers love best. This is why Ferrero has long being committed to providing consumers with a reasonable and acceptable energy content per portion.

By 2017/2018 the company had achieved the following:

– Kinder products are manufactured and wrapped in individual portions weighing between 5 and 39 g, which is among the smallest in their category;

– Around 73% of marketed volumes of Ferrero products is presented in portions weighing less than 25 g and ca. 84% are made available in portions weighing less than 45 g;

– More than 68% in volume of Ferrero’s products are offered in portions with less than 100 kcal and ca. 96% in portions with less than 150 kcal.

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