Ferrero: Recipe innovations

Published: 03/02/2018

Ferrero is committed to offering consumers, all over the world, products of the highest quality and freshness. When feasible from the point of view of technology, taste and costs, Ferrero continues to work on the reduction of calories content and/or saturated fat and/or sugars, minimisation of salt content, no-use of TFAs and valid placement of its products in the different eating episodes of the day (Meals or Between Meal Eating Episodes). Ferrero stopped using hydrogenated fats in its products since 2006 and confirmed the universal adoption of manufacturing processes which avoid the use of any hydrogenated fats. Moreover, Ferrero does not artificially add micronutrients to its products.

By 2017/2018 the company achieved the following results:

– The majority of Ferrero products are below 100 mg/100 g of sodium. The average value of products is ca. 97 mg/100 g and no product exceed 430 mg/100 g;

– Ferrero continues to develop products whose fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, etc. are naturally derived from the raw materials used; 

– Around 60% of Ferrero products have a “Low Glycemic Index” and around 35% of Ferrero products have a “Medium Glycemic Index”. 

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