Responsible beer advertising through self-regulation

Published: 03/02/2017

The Brewers of Europe’s members have contributed to the development of comprehensive advertising self-regulation mechanisms based on 7 Operational Standards (code coverage, code compliance, complaints handling, speed of decision, sanctions, consumer awareness and own-initiative monitoring) whose aim is to ensure responsible beer advertising across Europe in all media.

The self-regulation scheme is based on the European Commission’s Advertising Roundtable recommendations and implemented at national level through The Brewers of Europe’s members with support from the European Advertising Standards Alliance and local SROs. The scheme ensures that beer advertising is done in a responsible way and prevents consumers from exposure to irresponsible commercial communications.

A monitoring report of the self-regulation scheme has been assured independently by KPMG Sustainability, further improving the existing mechanisms. The Brewers of Europe continues to step up its activities through the EU Beer Pledge and is a co-owner of the World Federation of Advertisers’ Responsible Marketing Pact.

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