Tower Bakery: increasing fibre content of bakery products

Published: 24/04/2023

Aims and Objectives

Based in Abernathy, Scotland, Tower Bakery own five own-brand retail stores, in addition to third party outlets and local authority contracts.

In response to regulatory changes in product nutritional requirements, Tower Bakery were keen to explore increasing the fibre content of their white bread rolls to meet retailer’s specific requirements without impacting the appearance and colour of the product.

Ingredient & Processing

Research was undertaken to identify and source high fibre flours that would meet the fibre content requirements without causing any changes in the colour of the product.

Powdered flours that maintain a light-coloured appearance upon baking were identified as potential route to improving fibre content without affecting appearance.

Functionality of the alternative ingredients were similar to the wheat flour used in the existing formulation, so no processing adjustments were required.

Development & Testing

Various flour alternatives and formulations were sampled by the development team. Repeated trials were required to fine-tune the fibre content without impacting the appearance.

Results & Outcomes

The fibre content was more than doubled from 2.1g per 100g to 4.3g per 100g in the final product. The learnings can be taken forward to increase the fibre content in other products across the Tower Bakery range.

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