Give a voice to everyone and stop unfair practices

Ensuring that the food supply chain works for everyone and combatting any Unfair Trading Practices must be our common goal; greater market orientation requires responsible action by all operators in the chain.

The French origin labelling “test” initiative… or how to kill the Single Market!

The European Commission should respond before 5 July to a request by the French authorities to introduce a 2-year testing period for the mandatory origin labelling of meat and dairy products as an ingredient in processed foods in France. Concretely, this means a food manufacturer in France would have to indicate on the label of his products the origin of every single meat or dairy ingredient. If the Commission does not respond, it will be deemed to accept the French request and the “test” will be applied.

Unlocking a sustainable future for the food and drink industry

In a complicated landscape of volatile food prices, increasingly scarce natural resources and a global population expected to reach a staggering 8.2 billion by 2030, we find ourselves at a crossroads. It’s one where individuals, governments and industries need to reassess how resources are used and reused. We need to put into practice the measures to implement the highest environmental standards, while achieving economic growth – we need to bring to life the circular economy.