FoodDrinkEurope statement on the CAP budget


(Brussels, 27 February 2019) In view of the ongoing discussions on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, and on the long-term budget of the EU post 2020, FoodDrinkEurope would like to highlight the fact that the CAP is one of the key policies for the sustainable growth of the EU food and drink industry.

Europe’s food and drink manufacturers are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations, and to working with farmers to encourage the development and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

High environmental and climate ambition in the next CAP will be crucial to ensure a more sustainable future for our food systems. High EU standards in these fields will give assurance to consumers that EU agri-food products are sustainable, but they can incur additional costs for EU farmers.

FoodDrinkEurope therefore asks policy makers to ensure that higher costs do not drive towards a lowering of our EU standards but rather that they dedicate appropriate financial resources, in the EU budget, to the CAP to help finance them. Sustainable farm production, together with sustainable food production, are a must for growth of the European agri-food sector, as we trade on an increasingly competitive world market.

Download the statement ( pdf - 270KB )