Shaping a sustainable food future together

Published: 10/06/2021

Today we’ve launched our #FoodFuture project, an ambitious plan to engage as many people as possible on the future of sustainable food. 

We’ve lined up over 30 activities and events between now and December to ask how we can deliver sustainable food systems. 

Transforming the way we grow, manufacture, transport and consume food can reverse biodiversity decline, tackle the climate emergency and solve the imbalance we see today where 800 million of the world’s population goes to bed hungry, while another one billion is obese.

We are at an historic turning point. If we don’t change now, our children and grandchildren will find it hard to forgive us. 

That’s why we’ve organised focus groups, stakeholder roundtables, factory visits and much more – and we want you to join.

We’ve already completed our first event – with our partners Thought For Food we bought together over 40 people for a UN Food Systems Summit workshop to discuss how to enable game-changing innovation and support young entrepreneurs with their big ideas. 

We want Europe to become the gold standard for food sustainability and to lead the world by example. Of course, talk is cheap, we also need to walk the walk. 

To show what is possible, we’ve published a webpage with over 400 sustainability activities from food and drink companies. It provides a snapshot of actions on issues such as renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, more nutritious products and sustainable packaging.

This year we have also launched The Foodies – awards for Europe’s most sustainable SMEs and start-ups. In the pot to win are Europe’s 290,000 food and drink businesses.

But industry does not have all the answers. Far from it. That’s why the #FoodFuture project is about listening to others and finding practical, collaborative pathways to help achieve fully sustainable food systems by 2050 – at the absolute latest.

To take part send me a message, sign up to our email updates, join the discussion using #FoodFuture and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to be involved. 

By Will Surman

Deputy Director-General & Director, Strategic Communications, Public Affairs and ESG

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